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Your goals and vision are unique. Whether you’re looking to gain confidence with greater responsibility, make a plan to reach the next level, become an inspiring team leader or find more balance in your life, our coaches can help you get there.

Sabnam Mostari

Founder & CEO
D Leader
D Leader is committed to foster creative ideas, innovation, divulge entrepreneurial thinking, promote and nourish business knowledge, and instill confidence in human beings to transform into human resources in Bangladesh. It helps Human Resource turn their ideas and passions into businesses and develop future business leaders.
we are determined to create 56000 thousand “Entrepreneur” in Bangladesh within 2041. It will also focus to Transform human resources into human capital and ensure job placement.



it will be nice. is a new site from the organization of DLeader. We’re working hard on it and are pretty interested of see what you think! It’s nothing revolutionary, but it will fix some things that just aren’t working as well as they should. If you’re curious, just follow out on our social media feeds.